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Since I have never done a Christmas Page
for my Mom & Sister, I thought
it was time,
Mom & Steph Both loved Christmas time
They loved buying things for other people
even if they did without, they made sure
everyone else got something for Christmas.
We always drew names for eachother
but Steph always bought for everybody
after Mom died, Steph was the "Mother Hen"
of her sisters.

This time of year has always been hard for me since Mom & Steph Passed away,,
Mom & Steph were always the ones who made the Christmas dinner,
Stephenie was always best at the desserts,
There was never a time she didn't fix our husbands a plate
of cookies & fudge,  And My Brother In-Law Justin a Pecan Pie
that is his Favorite.

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Thank You So Much Beth

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Thank You So Much Diane


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Thank You So Much Saralyn

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Thank You So Much Ann


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Thank You Carrie



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