This Page is in Memory of My Mother In-Law
LaFern Lenington
Who passed away from Melanoma
Cancer June 2002
1 Month After I lost my Sister to Cancer.

My Mother In-Law was a very, very Sweet lady
After I lost my mom, She was the "Mother Figure"
to me, Next to my Older Sister Steph.

My Husband was very close to his Momma,
I have never ever heard him say one bad
Thing about his Momma.
She was very close to her Grandkids
Her oldest Granddaughter Candace & Oldest Grandson Monty Jr
They were the closest to her.

We all miss her deeply
Arlie - Husband
Arlie Ken - Son
Monty Sr - Son

Karla - Daughter In-Law
Stacey - Daughter In-Law

Monty Jr

Great Grandkids




Fern With Her First Great Grandchild



Both My In-Laws Arlie & Fern



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