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I totally support our President and Our Troops
I myself have family over in Iraq Fighting.
Here are my Family Members Who are Fighting for us.

My Nephew was sent over, He is from Arizona
And I am so very PROUD of him, 
 I know Their Mom is looking
down at Them with a HUGE smile on her face.
I know their Dad is very Proud.

I call Sam my little Marine.
I Love You Sam !!!!
NEWS FLASH!!!Sam got Promoted!!!
He is now a SGT Congratulations!!!


This is My Niece Samantha
She is in the US Navy
HM3 Petty Officer Third Class
Samantha is Sams little Sister
Also from Arizona,
I love you Sissy,
You and Sam make me VERY Proud!!!!



My Two Babies
My First Born Nephew & Niece
Born 2 years apart exactly to the day


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Until Our Troops Come Home


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